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Orders of 75 pieces are encouraged, orders into the thousands are very welcomed !!!

​​Our Cholla wood is 100% organic and naturally cured over many years....this means it is safe for all animals.

The Cholla

Shepherd Inc.

     From the beautiful desert of New Mexico to You!  We strive for leadership in superior customer service as a WHOLESALE provider of StagHorn Tree Cholla Wood for all of your Cholla needs.  This is truly some of the most beautiful and fascinating wood that Mother Nature has gifted us.  With every intricate pattern of holes wound around each stalk, presents a uniqueness that is true evidence of natural Sacred Geometry.

     Cholla has many practical and creative uses such as: landscaping for your perfect desert style yard, perches for reptiles and birds in terrariums or cages. Great for shrimp and small fish to claim fort in huge aquariums.

     Wonderful uses for air plant holders and so many arts and craft ideas.  Many pets in fact love Cholla Wood: ferrets, rabbits, birds, chinchillas, lizards, scorpions, ants that crawl all over it, hermit crabs, guinea pigs, hamsters and yes even dogs love to chew on it.  Cats love to claw on it if made into a scratching post, as well as so many projects for the kiddos and the adults to enjoy.

     Our vision at The Cholla Shepherd is to lead with excellent customer service, plenty of inventory to supply the wholesale market and provide custom tailored orders with a crew ready for each and every clients orders.

-From New Mexico to you!