How Rare

Do We Dare!

Teddy Bear Cholla

Yes I said that correct.  You will fall in love with your Teddy Bear Cholla Wood.  It is so very Rare, far more Rare than the Chain Fruit Cholla Wood above.  This type of wood has even better Natural designs with Sacred Geometry at work, as well as being 100% organic.  We do dare to bare our beautiful Teddy Bear Cholla Wood.  We have some but not much, so take the dare with us and let us show you our bear.  I have more than the photos show but you get the idea.  Please Email or Call for Prices!

From the Beautiful desert of New Mexico to You!

The Cholla

Shepherd Inc.

     Rare Chain Fruit Cholla Wood

& Teddy Bear Cholla Wood

​Prices Per Piece Not Including Shipping!!

             3"             6"           12"

  $2.25      $4.25       $8.25  

    Chain Fruit Cholla Wood

 Our Very Rare Chain Fruit Cholla Wood is also 100 percent organic and has a much larger diameter than our StagHorn Tree Cholla Wood.  So Rare in fact that we can barely offer Wholesale prices for this Wood.  

Our specialty treatment is very nice indeed, try our PowerCleaned kind.

Not only for pets, we can make all sorts of stuff.  See The Cholla Store page!

Just let me know and we can work it out.  From the beautiful desert of New Mexico To You!