The Cholla

Shepherd Inc.

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Bird Perches

Alder & Sequoia Cones

Cholla Crosses

SweetGum Pod Stars

​Candle Holders

​Picture Frames

Pointed Arrows

Wind Chimes

Walking Sticks


Key Chains

WildFlower Center Piece

​Pen Holders

Hat Racks

Alder & Birtch & Sequoia Cones

Alder Cones: 50+ cones per bag........$ 1.33

Alder Cones: 100+ cones per bag.......$ 2.65

Birch Cones: 25+ cones per bag........$ 2.00

​Birch Cones: 50+ cones per bag......$4.20

Sequoia Cones: 4 cones per bag........$ 1.50

Bird Perches

$6.25 to $14.25

SweetGum Tree Seed Pod Stars

$1.00 - 4 to 6 per bag

Cholla Crosses

 $10.00 to $18.00

Candle Holders

$16.00 a pair

Pointed Arrows


Wind Chimes



$33.00 to $175.00